Perfectly Shaped (and Site Integrated) World

This blog is now an integrated part of our Perfectly Shaped World community site at [address removed] You can find this blog and all archived contents by choosing the PSW Blog button from the right-hand Shopper Services menu. This will automatically display the latest post. The post archive is below the latest post, as are any comments for that post. Posts are displayed one per page, as many of our heritage posts exceed reasonable page lengths. The frame containing the post will display a scrollbar only where absolutely necessary.

In order to keep everything up to speed, we have also moved over the archived posts from Perfectly Shaped Life, with very few exceptions (time-sensitive posts regarding sales, free shipping, similar offers are not being moved).

This move is part of our current effort of bringing all of our services into a seamless community environment. The forum is also available through the Shopper Services menu.

Bottom Line: While you can still retrieve posts from this very bare page, the experience will be far more complete by visiting the integrated blogs section at [address removed]

Update - July 2008:
What is it they say about good intentions and paving the road to heaven? As it turned out, combining two active blogs into a third Wordpress-based blog ended up being a utopian dream - or nightmare in this case. The blogs steadfastly refused to be combined, gracefully or otherwise. In addition to all that fun, the social club's internal blogs ( are completely inaccessible.

I'd say we're back to square one, folks. Both Perfectly Shaped World and Perfectly Shaped World II blogs continue to exist, side by side. Some entries continue to be duplicates. But I'm still not giving up.

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